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Thursday, October 1, 2009
English Essay (random post)

Well… First off… I want to say that this was an essay I wrote in my recent trials exams… I think it can be classified as PG-13 as it is rather descriptive… Or at least to teachers and the student body… XD So read with caution! *this is pure fiction…..*

Subject: English Paper 1

Continuous writing…

Title: Meeting a Movie Star

I sneer as I see the flames rise from my prey. It’s light, illuminating the small unlit room. The smell of blood and smoke intoxicates my very being. I remember when I first laid eyes on her. How I wanted to own, to touch and to taste her succulent lips which adorned her face beautifully. Now, as I immolate her body, I feel nothing. I feel nothing but the wonderful sick bliss of murder. Even her screams of terror still lingers in my head. Oh, how I love it!

It was a week ago when I saw a movie starring Julia Roberts. She was a demigoddess in that movie, people flocking over to worship at her feet. I felt as if I wanted to join them. Therefore, I went to my room and opened a cabinet door. I lit a few candles that were already used on multiple occasions. As I laid my blue eyes upon hers, my imagination started going on a fritz. I’ve had many fantasies which involved doing things to her that many would detest. Her face was like a drug I could not stop ingesting.

The next day, it came to my attention that Julia Roberts will be in my little town and thoughts started to churn. I could make my fantasies come to life. The only problem that faced me is the security that will be around her twenty-four hours a day. I spent the rest of the day, by the shrine I made of her, plotting. In a revelation, I decided to do whatever it takes to get to her.

When Julia Roberts finally arrived, my heart was pounding as hard and as loud as a drum beat on any Independence Day celebration. I was ecstatic. I followed her long, black limo to her accommodation. I easily blended into the crowd of cars that were also following her. My blood boiled. As we arrived, photographers, interviewers and stark raving mad fans all crowded around her luscious body. They took photos, asking questions and screaming for autographs. My mind screamed, “She is mine and mine alone!!!”

I continued to follow her. To restaurants, local bars and even, parks. Eventually, she noticed me. To protect my interests, I decided to play the ‘cute guy’ look. It was the perfect bait as well. We introduced ourselves and eventually, I asked her out to dinner. Oh, how I wanter her badly at that point. I was so tempted to just take her home and have my way with her. But for my plan to succeed, I had to be patient. Her eyes were so innocent when I saw them leering at me that night. It sent chills down my spine.

We ordered our food and some wine. After the main course, the wine obviously had its desired effect on her. She was more loosened up, willing to tell me anything. I took the opportunity to ask for her for her room unit number and she gladly gave it to me in a blur. My plan was slowly coming to place. Her luscious body would be mine. It was getting pretty late and we decided to take our leave. We exchanged good-byes and left.

The sound of sirens shook me from my daze and I realise I haven’t left the room. As I gaze upon her burned body, my mind starts to reel again. I remember the events that took place earlier this evening. I decided to move the gears of my plan. I drove to the posh hotel she was staying. I took caution as I slipped by the security at the reception. When I entered the beautifully decorated elevator, I made my last-minute checks. As I walked out of the elevator and into the equally beautiful corridor, I see her body guard at the door. He was huge! But it didn’t matter. I pretended to be a lost guest of the hotel and asked for directions. The body guard dropped his guard and I instantly took the opportunity by slitting his throat with a knife I pulled out of my bag.

Blood stained the carpet floor as I opened the door. “Who’s there?” I heard from Julia. Her voice was like an angel’s but only better. I took out the rope I had prepared earlier and when she came into view, I pounced on her like a jaguar. She screamed and struggled as I tied her down, completely making her immobile. I smiled as I gagged her, muffling her cries for help. I laid her on her bed and I tied her to the bolsters. Then I saw her crying, only to lick up her tears instead of feeling any remorse.

I slowly stripped her, making her feel violated and ashamed. All my dark fantasies were coming at that time. I completely defiled her body in many ways. After I was satisfied with her, she just laid there, silent and still. I took out the knife once more and slowly butchered her, taking care not to kill her yet. Then I poured gasoline all over her scarred body which still looked very much beautiful to me. I took off her gag and all she could muster was, “Damn you!”

I laughed as I lit her up like a candle. Her screams as piercing as nails scratching against a black board.

The thought of having immolated her is still happily dancing around in my head, even as the law enforcer takes me to the bastille. Yet, I hear her wonderful screams instead of the sirens made by the fast moving vehicle.

Okay… That’s what I wrote for my trials. XD Hope you guys like it.. Or get totally disgusted by it.. Up to you.. =]

Once again.. This is 100% fiction and it was really random… XD If you want to count the number of words.. well.. its.. 933 WORDS!!! That’s like, way above the usual for my standards.. XD

Monday, September 7, 2009

Seriously... I want to draw something but I have entirely no ideas!
Dante is asking me to draw avi art but man! I cannot do manga!
Any good ideas?? Haiz...

Oh... Even though I know nobody is reading this... can anybody send me pics of something that would be great as abstract art?? Things that flow, things that have great meaning behind them... emblems... anything la that would work well in abstract..


Monday, August 24, 2009
you MUST watch this.....

My instructor is wearin an orange cap.... starts off at the left hand side... =] *but not the best....XD*

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm actually posting something in MONTHS!!!!!!!! Hahahah.... Anyways... Back to the pressing issue. As we all probably know... I fail my add maths on a monthly basis... XD but as of a few weeks ago... I actually passed I add math for the 1st time of my life!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ and as I write this.. Jason is getting very high from getting from his new E71..... and more random stuff for today... CF CAMP 09 rocked!! too bad its gonna be my last year... *ahem*... AND OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly wanted to kill myself for missing testimonies today!!! One of my dorm members gave me props and it was damn sweet!!! man... I'm sooooooo feminate~... hahahahahhaha T.T .... Long story short... I blame my stomach.... XD now what?? Oh ya.... going to Mt. Kinabalu soon... hopefully I wont die up there... heheh... but i know i wont... God will be there... weeeeeee~ oh! and I have been really high since the beginning of the year.. Don't ask me y... I just am... XD quit cheer.... dont want to ellaborate... cause i think i will be put on a pole for explaining... XD and i dont want to hurt anybody's feelings.... anyway.... what to do... what to do.... I didnt prepare any emo poems or any vids.... or continue my disillusion... which makes me sad... I'm just soooooo lazy to write... which makes me wonder y am I writing now... hmm.... wierd.... what am I talking about again? Oh well.... Earth Hour was how u say..... HOT..... ooo... that reminds me! Hot n Cold!! crazy bout it... can always jam with Kay jen.... hahaha

found a cool song called Ur So Gay... also by Katy Perry.... American Idol is losing my interest... but still quite interesting... i guess...? Whats with that Tatiana girl anyway?? Cry here... cry there.... cry everywhere... she might as well be on the beach flooding planet earth!

whoa... brain freeze... remind me to never write this much again... XD... how to write karangan like this arr?? hahahahah... NIGHTS!!!!!! o.o


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

&@^(*)_^%E%$^&*^%#%$^$$#%*E@^q%#*$&^!#*^!#)%^&$!$^(^!#$&%$&*%#!(&*^%$*&(#$(^!%*(&%#%^$&$(*!^%*&^%^()!#$&#$&*!$(!^^$%!^$^!^%!)(~&$)%*~!&$~%^#$^*%$!*(%$&~!#$^*(^$^(*&!86 589!#)$&_%!$+%^_*&(_+(&%#!~!@$%&*__(&%#~!#%^&`31853*^~!#%~&%#*)&$*!!!!!!!!!!

Thats probably what i would have said if i lost my cool today....... XD Haiz.... Went to SMASH today for hip hop..... only to find out that the "owner" said something wrong the night be4.... fine.... forgivable... until i found out that my class was utterly disbanded without me or Jia finding out! WHAT A BUNCH OF BLUBBERBRAINS!!!! zzzz

Called Dennis a million times with no reply..... We got pushed into Brian's class without our consent... somebody is gonna get REAL HURT if I don get an explanation soon.....

Luckily........ Tonight I have something to do... If not.... welllllll..... hehehehh..... Be imaginative.... XD Some of my school friends are planning to dunk me too... hehehe the JOY.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008
Wanna Learn How To Pop A Lock?? =]